Introduction of Japanese Anime "March Lion"

 Haw are you all in a good mood?

It's a pink snap of a biogger.

This time, I will introduce an animation called Lion in March.


"March Lion" 「3月のライオン


This work is based on a game called Japanese Shogi.

Do you know Japanese Shogi?

Shogi is a game that hunts down enemy kings like

chess. Especially the difference is that you can use

the pieces you took again.

You can enjoy an exciting game until the last minute

with the re-use of the pieces you have taken.

Let's explain the contents of this animation.

It is a story that the main character,Rei Kiriyama,

grows up through interaction with people.

What inpressed me the most about this story was

my interactions with the teacher.

The mein character,Rei Kiriyama,has no family.

Because he lost three family members in an accident.

He was taken over as an inner disciple by his father's

friend Koda. That's where the story begins. In addition to the high school teacher,the interaction with three beautiful

sisters is heartwarming. It depictis modern Japan,but it is

a work that immerses you in nostalgic things like the good

old days. It is full of highlights such as the growth of the

main chracter,the inner part of human begings,and the

warmth of the Japanese heart. Please take a look.

Well,see you again.