Recommended Japanese Animations,'Cute anyway'

 How are you all in a good mood?

It's a pinksnap of a blogger.

We are very much out of the industry.

This time,I would like to introduce Japanesse animation,

'Cute anyway'.

The genre of this work will be [Lovecomedy],starting

with marriage.

It is classified as [lovecomedy],but it is studded with good

stories that are displayed from time to time,and that

part is not just a love anime ,but a few ranks up the work


This animation has been serialized in Japanese manga

magazines since2018.

We will introduce the characters.

Here's a quick introduction to the characters.First of all,

the story begins as a newlywed couple because the

main character,Nasa Yuzaki ,and the heroine,Tukasa,are suddenly there.

I write"hosisora"of Nasa Yuzuki and call it'nasa',but

the personhimself did not like the name.

The origin of this name will chage his life greatly later.

It's a scary story from a parent's point of life.

The heroine Tukasa is cute anyway,but it is full

of mysteries.As the story progresses,it will gradually turn

out who she is.

It seemes that this will be the climax of this story.

Finally,I think it would be good if you could look forward

to the future life of the main characters.

It also has areally deep taste as a story rather than just

a love work.

It is a work that warms the heart,so please take a look.


See you all!