Introductiong Japanese Animation'Cobra'

 How are you all in a good mood? 

It's a pinksnap of a blogger.

This time,we will introduce the TVseries version

'Cobra the animation'broadcast in 2010.

The story was produced in 2008 to commemorate

the 30th anniversary of his birth.

Do you know the early 'Cobras'you are seeing now?

This eariy TVseries aired from 1982 to 1983.

This time,it seems to contain the minutes that were not


broad cast in the story.

As some of you may know,here's a quick story.


Cobra,a man with a gun on his left arm,is a space pirate

who is in all space.

He is an insanity woman lover. A number of epic incidents

where you meet beautiful woman.

In addition,we will fight against hostile organizations,

'guilds',and other pirates because of their tough spirit

 and body.


It is a'hard boiled'work a long time ago.Recently,it is

no longer visible.'Cobra'That's cool,isn't it?


Finally,this story,which lasts 13 stories,was finally

announced from the original manga.

In a sense,it seems to be a vaiuable work.I hope you can

enjoy it by all means.


See You all!