Congratulations on winning! Hideki Matsuyama!

 How are you all?

Many golf fans in Japan were excitedfrom the morning,

weren't they? Hideki Matsuyama of Japan won the Masters

Golf Tounnament at Augusta NationalGolf Club in Georgia,


It was not until 1936 that The Japanese first participated

in the Masters Tournament. Hideki Matsuyama is in his

33rd fight since 2011.


Matsuyama won his first championship in asia and as a

Japanese this time at a golf festival where only masters

can participate.


I would like to express my heartfelt respect for the

feelings of Matsuyama,who worked hard to become

a source of hope for the victims of the Great East Japan



Finally,thank you for brightening up the whole world

when it seems to be flooded with dark news for the



Conguratuiations on winning!