Recommended Japanese Animations

 How are you all?

My wife is "Pink Snap".

This time I would Like to introduce Japanese animation.

I would like to introduce Iove animation.

Do you like love? Then,I will intrroduce it.


"I want to eat your pancreas" 「君の膵臓をたべたい」


The good thing about this animation is that the quality of Japan comes out.The person is also so,but the scene is especially wonderful. You'll look inovoluntarily.

Please enjoy the subtle love patterns and surprising 

last scenes carefully.


"What's Your name?"   「君の名は」

I would like to introduce the second work.

This is a move,but it was an explosive hit

in japan.This work is also of very high quality of drawing.

In the work of this movie,the old Japanese language

is the keyword. It is a work that does not stop exciting

until the last minute. Please take a look.


"After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong"


This was a nobel based on the original.

And it was published 10years ago.

The nobel was also a hit,but the animation was

also an explosive hit.The comedy element is strong

in the begining. However,the love pattern gradually

increases and it becomes wanting to start.

Please pay attention to the heart patternsof the characters.




Please take a look at the blog to the end.

Personally,I think I'm quite maniac. I will introduce maniac

work next time.