Introduction Japanese Animation,Theatrical Version:Yes kara-san passes.

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worldwide has started to decrease!

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Now,why don't you want to watch an interesting

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This time,let's introduce a special work!



Theatrical Version:"Yes Kara-san passes"



The era in which this work is set is called the Japanese

era name"Taisho" It is.  Roughly calculated,it is a story

about 100years ago about a Japanese woman.

The mainheroine is a17-year-old womannamed Benio

hanamura. I think that the subname"Yes"is aword that expresses admiration for the women of this era.

If you explain this era,it is a transitional period in

which women become independent and go

out into society and play an active roie.

Survive such a difficult time and run throutgh.

The appearance that made onself shine is a very

cool one.

This animation is a love comedy It is a story of love

woven by the heroine Hanamura Benio and

Ijuuin Sinobu.The story of their hertbreak is a

two-part prequel, a second part, and it takes about

200 minutes in time! The screening time is long,but

it will be 200 minutes between falling in love, crying

and laughing.

The rearevarious animation works,but there are few

works based on the Taisho.

In particular,there are few love things,so please

enjoy until the end of the essago! See you then.